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the Future of Our Community

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Tenbury and Burford Neighbourhood Plan Website

Here you will find background information to Neighbourhood Planning and its role in shaping the future development of our community. There are several working groups looking at the issues and opportunities facing Tenbury and Burford, find out what they are working on and if you can contribute in any way please contact us by clicking Get Involved.

Making Our Plan

Our Neighbourhood Plan, when complete, will set out a Vision for the future of our community.

The plan will set out objectives and policies designed to achieve this Vision. The policies will be the criteria against which future development applications will be approved or rejected.

Tenbury Town Council and Burford Parish Council have agreed to prepare the plan jointly and have set up a Steering Group to undertake this work. They will ensure that a proper legal process is followed and that the vision, objectives and policies are based on sound evidence and fully take into account the views of the whole community.  The Plan will have to conform to national and local council policies, so we cannot, for example, ignore the need to provide land for housing. However, we can set out where housing and other development should be allowed and set limits to the scale and define the type and character of development.

Get Involved

Your views on the issues relevant to the Neighbourhood Plan will be needed to make sure that the plan has the support of the whole community. Over the next few months we intend to hold a series of consultation events to share our thoughts and to gather your views on how you think our community should be developed. You are also encouraged to make your views known in any way that is easy for you; you can do this now by clicking

Click to Get Involved or call us on 01584 810118 or come in person to attend one of the Consultation Events where you will be very welcome and you will be able to talk to us and make your contribution. You may also want to join one of the working groups - there is a role for everyone – so click now to Get Involved.


Following the consultation events we will have sufficient information to prepare and deliver a Draft Plan for further consultation prior to independent examination, a local referendum and finally adoption.